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Bunions (Hallux Valgus)

Can affect people of all ages, and usually present as pain on the side of the big toe from rubbing in shoes. If left for too long without treatment, people may get pain in the smaller toes (transfer metatarsalgia) and sometimes these deformities that cause further pain.

What is a bunion?

Where the big toe meets the foot; the big toe tends to drift to the second toe and the bone in the foot drifts away from the second toe. This typically happens due to laxity of the tissue around the joint connecting the big toe to the foot. As the big toe drifts more, the greater the stretch on the tissue. This causes the bony prominence on the side of the foot.

Do I need surgery?

No, it depends on symptoms and what has been done already. First you should try adjusting the footwear you wear to give more space for the toes, and there are splints available as well to help with symptoms.

For further information on the surgery please go to;

How long does it take to recover from surgery?

The surgery is typically done as a daycase. You can walk straight away in a surgical slipper, which you will use for 6 weeks. If all going well, you can then get back into normal shoes.

What happens if I leave bunion untreated?

This is difficult to predict, as well as the potential time frame for things to develop. As the bunion progresses you do tend to develop osteoarthritis of the joint, which can restrict movement and cause pain.

As the big toe turns towards the second toe more, it reduces the space for the second toe to stay in position, and subsequently the second toe can be pushed up leading to pain in the smaller toes. With time the second toe may develop a deformity (hammer toe) which can cause more pain in shoes.

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